v1.3.1 Update

Friendly reminder that BUCKLER 2 is available on Steam! You can claim your own download key here on itch.io!

- You can now change the font to Plaza in the display options!
- Slight main menu changes
- Changed player ground and air movement, making it slightly easier to move and control the player
- Improved dashing movement
- Fixed an issue with the players' arms when against a wall
- Simplified the gamepad controls

Currently, it is not possible for the player to change the controls for the game, which is a complaint that I have received several times in the past. If it becomes a major issue in the future, I will definitely take action.

Thanks you for following the development of BUCKLER 2! Vivat Rosis!


BUCKLER 2 (v1.3.1) 212 MB
Apr 16, 2019


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