A downloadable mockup

Mockup for Terato Tamer 2, created for Game Mockup Jam

(This is not a real video game (yet)! It's just a bunch of pictures!!)


Terato Tamer 2 takes place after the events of Terato Tamer (obviously) where Stephanie, aka The Empress, lost her influence over Rhungmeria and has vanished, and now the monsters of the world have no king or queen to look up to. So, Crescella the Goddess of the Scarlet Moon decided that on the night of the Scarlet Moon, she will decide who the new emperor or empress is based on who can uhhh... "please" her to most. All of the monster lovers from around the world now venture out to the Temple of Crescella to find her and to... well y'know... and then be crowned the new ruler over the monsters.

You play as The Vessel (name pending), who is a prisoner and hears about all of this from another inmate. Hearing about this, Vessel decides that they want some eldritchussy and decides to break out of jail and venture out.

In term of gameplay it is very similar to the original, but with a roguelike twist. You start off creating your vessel, then break out of prison and venture into the darkness.

The jail is run by Bonewolves, who captured you for public indecency. The tutorial is basically the same as the original game, where the first enemy you fight is a Bonewolf Guard who you have to seduce in order to not get thrown back into your cell.

In each of your runs you encounter a wide array of sexy, violent monsters who you can either slay or seduce, until you eventually meet Crescella or get captured and thrown back in jail for being too horny.


In regards to derivate projects/licensing, I do not consent to the creation of Terato Tamer 2 as a derivative work or game jam submission, or at least without consulting me personally first. Since Terato Tamer 2 is a sequel to the first one I would like to be the one that creates/works on it.

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