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where is cactus farmer if this is the sequel?

jogo top,demais,antes eu tinha bugado ele,haha,muito bom o jogo,não cheguei muito longe,por causa que meu pc explodiu haha

"you make um poco loco um poquititito loco" CoCo,life is a shit
coco in portuguese is shit 


Amazing game, I made such a large farm that my game finally died, I have a ton of RAM and a good processor so lol RIP.

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This game is insanely fun so far. 55 minutes went by and I lost track of it! I really enjoy the silliness of this game! 'Nothing better than a supply chain of cactus. :D

Also, you can put endless amounts of cactus on top of the Spicy / brown seed area in just one spot (the spot that appears to have seeds beneath). I noticed you prevent that with any area but those, was that intentional? Also, I have yet to see the spicy turrets shoot, I am guessing that was not suppose to happen. :o

Thank you for playing! That's a pretty nifty setup you have there!

For the spicy turrets, you have to fill them up with turret seeds, which can be accomplished by right clicking on them while holding the harvest tool. They will also automatically suck up any nearby seeds to use for ammo. As for placing multiple cacti in one spot, that was not intentional. I will probably fix that if I decide to do another update ;^)

Right! That makes sense. That explains why my green turrets worked because they were being fed by those seeds! Thanks for the reply! I enjoyed your little game. :)


Very fun and addictive game to play!
I've made a small gameplay just to show how game mechanics work:

Thanks for playing! 😁


I found a glitch when i started up the game i double clicked and 2 guys appeared. Fun game though!


Whoops, thanks for reporting that!


Alright, here's my feedback on the game:

  • Just show the how to play instructions on the itch page.
  • Decent art, but some ambience would be nice.
  • The player should have to aim at enemies, now it isn't very engaging.
  • The placement of all of the objects should be grid based.
  • It takes too long before you get some stuff up and running.
  • Bullets often go straight through enemies.
  • Walls can't be placed on tiles with rocks, but enemies can walk right over rocks.

Thanks for the feedback! I didn't spend too much time on small things like these because this is a game jam entry, but if I continue to work on the game some changes will definitely be made. :)


Came here from Buckler 2. I'm really digging this art style!