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"Melanie, I need some help!

Me ol' pal Joe went missing a few days ago while spelunkin' near the Dovigian Archipelago, can ye find him? I will pay handsomely! That be dead men walkin' about there, so be wary!"

-Captain Z

Haul Away Joe was made in 48 hours for Global Game Jam 2021. 3D effects were made using stack3d by @dev_dwarf.

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haulawayjoe.zip 25 MB


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haulaway joe mama

this is pretty cool, are you guys planning to make it bigger?

cool b3ans

It felt a bit punishing at the beginning, but this is a really neat game!

Things I really liked:

  • 3D effects
  • atmosphere (music + art meshed well)
  • ability to travel from island to island freely!
  • design of the boss skelly

Bugs + things to potentially change:

  • boat controls were difficult
  • having little health was frustrating
  • some collisions didn't seem to be set up? (both between ship/environment  as well as player/environment)

Thanks for sharing! :)

Made a video


Wonderful little game!

My feedback:

It would of been nice to have some health regen, or more health.

The boat tended to get stuck on things; some of the gaps between islands were too small.

Thank you so much for using my system in such an amazing way!