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"Melanie, I need some help!

Me ol' pal Joe went missing a few days ago while spelunkin' near the Dovigian Archipelago, can ye find him? I will pay handsomely! That be dead men walkin' about there, so be wary!"

-Captain Z

Haul Away Joe was made in 48 hours for Global Game Jam 2021. 3D effects were made using stack3d by @dev_dwarf.

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Tags3D, Global Game Jam, Pirates, Top Down Adventure


haulawayjoe.zip 25 MB


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Why can't we play or download like half of your games? It's just info on their game pages and a newgrounds link

This is an amazing game!. I just started developing games (I'm still doing tutorials), but this is one of the best game jam games ever! how did you make this? I've been planning a game that would use a 2d/3d build and camera like this but I can't figure it out. do you have a video of when you made this

Sorry for the long post by the way


haulaway joe mama

this is pretty cool, are you guys planning to make it bigger?

cool b3ans

It felt a bit punishing at the beginning, but this is a really neat game!

Things I really liked:

  • 3D effects
  • atmosphere (music + art meshed well)
  • ability to travel from island to island freely!
  • design of the boss skelly

Bugs + things to potentially change:

  • boat controls were difficult
  • having little health was frustrating
  • some collisions didn't seem to be set up? (both between ship/environment  as well as player/environment)

Thanks for sharing! :)

Made a video


Wonderful little game!

My feedback:

It would of been nice to have some health regen, or more health.

The boat tended to get stuck on things; some of the gaps between islands were too small.

Thank you so much for using my system in such an amazing way!