Wishlist Project Malice on Steam. Now.

psst. hey. hey you. yeah, you there, with the flesh.

did you know that Project Malice is coming to Steam

i think you should go wishlist it. you know, so you can get notified when the game comes out. also it helps with steam algorithm stuff when it does come out. win-win situation, you feel me? i also suggest following me on Twitter for any related news if you haven't already.

if you're reading this because you stumbled across the giant simp knight game or the monster sex game and haven't played project malice, you might be interested because it's got both of those.  it's also kinda fun.

don't like project malice? that's fine. you should wishlist it anyway, because you can. actually, you know what? i DARE you to wishlist project malice on steam. do it, you won't. what's the matter, you chicken? all the cool kids are wishlisting project malice. i've wishlisted it. hell, i even have it in my steam library. (because i made it)

wishlist. now.

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