Roseblight Chp. 1 v1.0.3 Update

Hey folks, it's update time! Got a bunch of cool stuff for you folks to try out!

First off, thank you guys for 1.2k+ downloads! It's nice to know people are actually playing the game, definitely helps with motivation. Make sure to join the Roseblight Discord if you haven't already!

v1.0.3.0 patch notes


  • Added an optional party member, Qrystal
    • Qrystal can follow the player around, fight for the player, and talk to the player once unlocked
    • Allies have their own stats, abilties, and will level up after gaining xp
    • Allies can hitch a ride on the back of the moped
    • Qrystal will have special dialogue in certain rooms
  • Added multiple character slots to the inventory menu


  • Reworked pits
    • Changed pit collision detection, players/enemies will now only fall into the pit if their whole body is in it
    • Pits can now be easily jumped over
    • Pits now deal damage instead of restarting the room, will spawn player at edge of screen
  • Player can now walk off cliffs*


  • Reworked a puzzle in the caves
  • Added a new reward for completing the super difficult push block puzzle in the Silver Ruins
  • Fixed issue where glass platforms will launch the player up while above it but not standing on it


  • Standard attacks can now be repeated by holding down E after releasing it to attack
  • Added Kusaritrowel
    • Kusaritrowel can be unlocked after acquiring the Chain Soul and the Trowel Collection
    • Kusaritrowel will pull enemies towards you
  • Player/Enemy jumps in battle are less floaty
  • Reworked Wild Attack
  • Reworked Pausa
  • A treasure chest will very rarely fall from the sky after battle
  • Reworked battle movement*
  • Added Loot Magnet
    • Loot Magnet can be used by Qrystal, will pull coins/items towards her


  • Overalls? is referred to as Underalls after the mirror scene
  • Added new dialogue to the randomized NPCs
    • Replaced some of the "meme dialogue"
  • Qrystal's sidequest can now be completed
  • Fixed issue with dialogue box scooting all the way to the right in the intro cutscene
  • Added a new NPC next to the giant door in the Silver Ruins
  • Added 2 "notes" that contain crafting recipes
  • Player can no longer descend the mountain after encountering the Rose King*
  • Added secret dialogue in the Soul Chamber
  • General grammatical fixes/spacing issues


  • Added Moped Keys
    • Can be bought from Saven, allows the player to summon the moped
  • Reworked crafting system


  • Added godrays to certain rooms
  • Added water reflections
  • You can now draw on the to-do list
  • Added chain pillars to the Chained Soul Chamber
  • Added a new room with a statue in it
  • Fixed a few visual errors


  • Added a speedrun timer
  • Fixed some information not saving correctly
  • A few undocumented bug fixes/changes


  • Using an item outside of battle will only effect the main character, regardless of which character is selected in the inventory menu
  • Some cliffs will teleport the player to the bottom instead of causing them to fall
  • Game might lag when talking to an NPC while window is fullscreened
  • Removing Qrystal from the party after encountering the Rose King will make it impossible for her to rejoin the party
  • Pushing against the wind while on the moped will cause the moped to briefly disappear
  • Battle movement may cause units to run around in a circle or to get stuck on a corner


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Jun 23, 2020

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